Sunday, May 18, 2014

2007 Voodoo Hoodoo

All of us have been there and done that. I'm talking about spontaneity, that thing about doing something without putting much thought into it and hoping for the best. This bike was not something I ever thought of building. Someone posted it for sale on the local bike web; a few text messages later and it was sitting in my room. I had bought the Deore LX brake and shifter combo set from the seller previously and he seems to be a honest guy. Well, I was not too wrong. The bike was in very good condition; some little nicks here and there but nothing noticeable after a good polish. This is a one-owner bike bought in 2009. The guy had build the bike as a hybrid for his wife but decided to get something else for her. Its a smallish 15" frame but surprisingly, not light for its size. Voodoo uses its own Voodoo Cro-Mo steel. I decided to carry on the hybrid theme and shod it with slick tires. Most of the parts were cannibalized from another bike i.e. Giant CFM3. The bike was originally running on disc brakes but I decided to take the V-brake route. Because it was configured for disc brakes, I had to run a full length brake cable from the brake lever to the rear brakes. The bike had a pearl white finish quite like the Bridgestone MB-0 Zip. Maybe that's why I was drawn to it…the subconscious in me thinks its a MB-0 and if you cannot have the real thing, this is the next best.