Monday, April 14, 2014

1996 KHS Montana Pro (Sold)

The original state of the bike when I first bought it. Actually, it looked a lot worse than this. It had a wire basket in front and a side stand. This is supposed to be a race bike...the bike must be feeling demoralized. 

The previous owner obviously never looked after it well enough considering the status of the bike. It is third in line under the KHS range of mountain bike, coming after the Comp and Team.

The damage is mainly superficial.

True Temper Ox tubing was considered one of the high-end range of steel tubing in the 90's.

A pleasant surprise under the gel seat cover when I removed is a Ritchey seat. There was very little wear on it since it was covered but due to age, the edges came off. It can be repaired luckily.

Look closely. You will see the words Ritchey Comp. These are high-end rims in those days.

The frame after powder coating.

I salvaged this decal because it says so much about what the bike is made of.

Custome made chainstay protectors.

An almost complete build.

Shimano Deore XT 7-speed rear derailleur.

Shimano Deore DX crankset.

Shimano XTR brakes were the obvious replacements.

Custom made decals.

Shimano Deore XT front derailleur.

NOS Control Tech stem. Its getting harder and harder finding good stuff like this.

The bike is brought back to its full glory.

2006 Marin Fairfax (Sold)

1993 Nishiki FS3

An awesome find. This is a one-owner bike for the last 20 years.

Condition was not bad but rust was starting to form on the rear triangle.

The front and rear shocks were both defective.

It came with a Shimano Deore LX group set.

The shifters works well, nice and smooth.

The original Rock Shox. It can be repaired but I decided to find an exact replacement.

Shimano Deore LX cantilever brakes. Simple and effective. In spite of being kept in a closed area, you can see the damage done by the environment.

Rusty bolts were all replaced or refurbished if no exact replacement could be found. The unique aspect of the bike is the rectangular tubing.

1" headset. This was definitely replaced.

 The badge is nice.

The rear shock was replaced but an exact replacement could not be found.

Rust! Removing them in the joints was a real chore.

The front derailleur was polished back to its original condition but some of the damage could still be seen.

Same goes for the rear derailleur.

All the brake pads were replaced with Shimano XTR pads.

The original Vetta seat. This was replaced by a Ferrari seat.

The 7 speed cassette was replaced by a NOS.

Spray painting the rear triangle.

All done.

2014 BMW Crosstar Hybrid (Sold)

I am not a big fan of modern bikes. They all seem to look the same. But this BMW Crosstar frame was rather different.

The bike is more for ladies with the sloping tube.

Slick tires instead of knobby tires since it will spend more time on the road than the trail.

You can see the 2 sloping top tubes which is what makes the bike different. However, it is not for those with big thighs because it is rather wide at around the seat tube area.

Shimano Alivio groupset was used. The brakes are from Tektro.

Overall, a nice bike for Point A to Point B commuting. The bike is rather loud with all those decals.

Recently, the bike went through a transformation. The crank has been replaced by a Alfine 38T single chain ring.

Michelin Pilot 2.3 fat tires was also added. The bike rides really different now.