Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014 Mosso Bike 2014 (Sold)

The big question is always WHY? Why build another when you already have more than enough. Its a tough question to answer but I always have a reason to do it. Sometimes the answer is going to sound crappy and sometimes it makes sense. Usually, it is going to be crappy so please bear with me. The MOSSO bike was created out of a need to clear excess spare parts in the bin. Crap right?

When I started the Porsche Steinerdesign bike project, the first thing I did was ordered parts. One of the worst thing is the process of a build is to find out that you have a missing part. The concept for the Steinerdesign bike was that I would retain as much of the old charm with modern parts e.g. grip shift twist shifters, SRAM (which bought over SACHS) parts, old school crank, etc. As it turned out, the plan fell through completely. I decided to re-use the original parts from SACHS and so all the parts I ordered was made redundant.

So, what do you do when you have a bin full of new parts? You build a new bike, of course! And so, this was how the MOSSO bike was born.

The concept for the MOSSO bike was to use whatever is available in the bin without buying anything new unless necessary. The Specialised 740mm handle bar was carried over from the Alero bike. The Truvativ stem was something I bought long ago because it was on sale. Its a shortie 60mm stem.

The MOSSO fork was carried over from the Miyata 10,000. By some sheer coincidence, the frame and fork came together.

The Shimano disc brake system was the only thing I had to buy.

The Oval seat matches the Oval seat post nicely.

The Control Tech Rage crank was supposed to be used on the Steinerdesign bike but ended up on the MOSSO bike.

SRAM components are used for the drivetrain. Between Shimano and SRAM, I think Shimano stuff are better.

The bike rides well. Its a rather loud bike and its presence can be readily felt thanks to a bright red paint scheme and loud hubs that you could hear miles away.

Available for sale at SGD$1,500.00

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