Sunday, January 25, 2015

1996 Haro Basher BMX (Sold)

I have never owned a BMX. Its one of those bikes that I never thought of acquiring. I have nothing negative against it and in fact, I am quite fascinated by the tricks performed on a BMX. Perhaps this is the reason why I never owned a BMX; knowing that I am most likely incapable of performing all those spins, turns and jumps! When I got a message from an old friend that he has one to give away, I jumped at the chance to get it off his hands. The bike would have ended up in the dumpster if there were no takers and for a good reason; the bike was covered almost entirely with rust. There was rust everywhere; frame, fork, spokes, seat post; as long as a part of the bike is made of steel, there rust will abide. This is no ordinary BMX though. Its a 1996 HARO Basher, one of the best BMX produced by HARO. 

It looks really nice actually when the chrome is new but when rust attacks it, the nightmare begins. The following pictures will explain what I mean. 

A sane person would walk away but since I am a little insane, the challenge was accepted. How it will turn out is anybody guess, I am not sure myself but watch this space to see the final result.

The outcome after a first pass with sanding blocks. Most of the rust were on the surface and it came off quite easily but the pit marks could not be removed. Furthermore, the stains were also etched in quite deeply and there was no way it could be polished off without damaging the chrome.

There are 3 options available; one, live with the stains; two have it re-chromed but that will cost alot of money; three powder coating but lose the original look.

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