Saturday, October 31, 2015

2011 Pivot Mach 429 (Abandoned)

This was a project that did not materialise. The store sent me a frame that was damaged and I had to return it. Sadly, they did not have any stock of the small size frame and so, I have to let this one go. It would have been a beautiful bike. 
The Mach 429 has won awards and high praise from the MTBR, Outside magazine, Dirt Rag, MBA as well as countless European magazines.
The Mach 429 has that special “something” that few if any other bikes can match.  Sure, you’ve heard it all before from every manufacturer advertising that their 29er accelerates and handles like a 26” bike and theirs feels better then everyone else’s.  The difference with the Mach 429 is that IT DOES, and has countless reviews to back it up.  The combination of dw-link suspension and Pivot engineering results in a bike that makes the ground beneath you nearly disappear and delivers acceleration, stiffness, traction and precision that can’t be matched.  It’s light, nimble, and stable; inspiring confidence whether you are racing or just riding your favourite trail.  When you throw a leg over the Mach 429 you know immediately that you’re riding the most efficient and fastest 29er full suspension bike in the world.


  • Material: Mach 429 Alloy
  • Suspension: 8 bearing dw-link® and high-modulus carbon rocker
  • Fork Compatibiltity:100mm or 120mm
  • Shock: Fox RP23 Boost Valve shock
  • Rear Travel: 100mm
  • Head Tube: Tapered fork-compatible oversize head tube (with Cane Creek XX headset) for increased front endstiffness and control.
  • Bottom Bracket: BB92 bottom bracket
  • Front Derailleur: Direct mount
  • Technologies:

    • Dw-link® Suspension: One of the primary benefits of the dw-link® suspension design is position-sensitive anti-squat. Put simply, the dw-link® is the first and only suspension design that takes into account the rider’s weight and position on the bike (i.e. the rider’s centre of mass). When you stand up to sprint or shift your weight back to climb, your weight along with the force on the pedals is the dominant force on the suspension. This bob or “squat” caused by the rider’s mass shift is a good part of the reason why ProPedal, SPV, Brain, lockouts, and a host of various other “platform damping” solutions exist: to resist suspension bob and squat. With the dw-link®’s anti-squat design, the dual suspension links are positioned in such a way that your weight shifts do not result in unwanted suspension movement or “squat” under power. This allows for tuning of the rear shock with lighter valving, making the bike free to absorb bumps and follow the terrain better.

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