Monday, August 11, 2014

2001 Klein Quantum Pro (Sold)

2001 Klein Quantum Pro

I have officially crossed over to the road side. That's right, after many years of resistance, I finally succumbed to the temptation. It all started with the Marin Fairfax. Although it was not officially a road bike but a hybrid, it was close enough to feel the difference in speed between a MTB and road bike. The Marin has served me well and its time to move on. Having said that, a Klein Quantum Pro is not necessary an entry-level bike. For a start, it carries a big price tag even for a bike that is 13 years old.

So, was it worth the big chunk of cash I paid for it? Definitely. This is a one-of-a-kind type of bike. First of all, look at the paint scheme. Its call Plum Crazy Purple. Only Klein can do a chameleon paint scheme like this. Next is the weight of the bike. Actually, the question should be what weight? It hardly weighs anything. I was told it was sub 9 kg. As you would expect, besides the aluminum frame, everything else is made of carbon fibre.

Easton carbon fibre handle bar and Shimano Dura Ace brake/shifters. Easton carbon stem.

Aeros aluminum fork.

Internal routing for brake and shifters.

JBC seat with titanium rails.

9-speed Dura-Ace rear derailleur.

Easton carbon wheels with Vittoria 700 x 24 tires.

 Carbon hubs.

Shimano dual-sided SPD pedals. Minimalist design.

Easton carbon stem.

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  1. Hi Mate

    Color is called "Coral Reef", not Plum Purple Crazy. It can`t be a 2001 bike. The Quantum Pro as shown here, has only been produced from 1994 till 1997/1998. It cant be 1995 though, cause it would have a silver badge, not a brass badge. Check out the serial number. Digit 4-7 tell you the month and year of manufacturing. Has it been re-painted? Cheers.