Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 Raleigh Ultra Race

It all started with the Klein Quantum Pro. Well, I had to blame someone or something to justify my need to build a second road bike. The Klein was just too precious to be let loose on the road and subjected to abuse. I know I will thrash it when I am on it, so the next best thing is to build another road bike. Chain Reaction Cycle was having a massive sale and prices of past year models were going for a song. The Raleigh Ultra Race frame was 60% of retail price. An offer like that cannot be missed.

The main triangle is made of aluminum but the seat stays are made of carbon fibre. Its not exactly a featherweight but certainly lighter than the Marin Fairfax.

I like the stance of the bike. It looks fast and the color combination was spot on.

Carbon fibre was the choice material for the parts. This included the stem.

The headset is by Cane Creek. I broke the cap because it was made of hard plastic and had to replace it with a Ritchey top cap.

Shimano 105 brake/gear shifters are good enough for me.

The Campagnolo Centaur brakes were also on sale. They blend in nicely with the rest of the bike with the black and red theme.

The front end of business.

Bianchi alu-carbon fork.

Raleigh has been dropping in popularity over the years. I hope this bike will help revive the brand in a small way.

FSA SL-K carbon cranks. These cranks cost more than the frame and is the most expensive part on the bike.

Shimano 105 rear derailleur.

The rear end showing the carbon fibre seat stays.

The bike looks like it has blood vessels running throughout the bike.

Omega titanium seat. Light but not the most comfortable,

The aorta…

Fulcrum Racing 7 wheel set. 10 speed.

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