Friday, September 12, 2014

2007 Giant Revive (Sold)

Once in awhile, good things do happen. The Giant Revive is one of those thing. Its a really rare bike and Giant does not make it anymore. Read the reviews of the Giant Revive and all you hear are positive comments. There are 3 variants and one of them is electric.

The previous owner lived in Singapore for over 20 years but alas, he had to go home. Obviously, he was not going to bring back the bike so he put it up for sale. His advertisement did not even show a picture of the bike. So, curious as ever, I decided to see what is this Revive thing he was selling. Lo and behold, when I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

I met up with the owner who lived in an apartment along Orchard Road. It was not in pristine condition but everything was working well. I paid for the bike and rode it home. The recumbent riding position needed some getting used to and the bike was rather twitchy because of the set up.

I kept the bike in its original state for as long as possible but decided it could do with some enhancement. So, the grip shifters were swopped for regular shifters and the grips were replaced also.

The original crank had only 48 teeth. I swopped it for a 52 teeth so that it could go a bit faster but of course, it also took more effort to move the bike at standstill.  I kept the rear 8-speed cassette but changed the derailleur to something better. The rear shock is actually broken, only the rear spring is holding up the bike. Its hard to find the original shock but since its not creating any issues, I left it on while still searching for a replacement.

The original mud guards went around the wheel but I swopped them with something more racy. It came from the folding bike. Actually, its kinda nice, makes the bike look more modern.

The original tires were 20x1.75 but I swopped them for 20x2.1. In doing that, I lost 1 gear because the rear derailleur could not pass the fat fire to reach the 8th gear. Anyway, I seldom go there, so its alright. I might put back the 1.75 tires when I need to ride it over longer distance.

The Revive must have the best seat in the world. It is so comfortable, you can ride the whole day and not feel any aches or pain. The seat is adjustable for height and reach and the back rest can also be adjusted up and down. Its a bike that fits anybody!

The riding position is one whereby you lay back on the seat and just pedal. Beautiful!

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