Friday, September 19, 2014

1992 Original Miyata Elevation 5,000

This is the original and almost unadulterated Miyata Elevation 5,000. The bike was laid up in storage for a few months until I decided it was time to resurrect it to its full glory. Needless to say, all the second-hand bikes I acquire are never in pristine condition purely because my standards are rather high. However, it is the ability to see through all the muck and grime to know that there is a gem hidden underneath all that. 

My first inclination was to retain as much of the original parts as possible. However, as the pieces started coming off, I decided that some parts will have to be replaced to upgrade the bike and make it more pleasant to the eye.

The brake levers were the first to go and replaced by lightweight Dia Compe SS-7. The thumb shifters were working well as always. The original Ritchey stem was replaced by a lightweight Uno stem.

The original brakes were the fat cantilevers type which I replaced with the very handsome XTR brakes.

Some of the stickers were scratched but not to an unacceptable extent. Besides, removing them and respraying the bike was never an option.

Some knicks here and there but no major damage like dents could be seen on the frame.

Miyata makes the most beautiful seat stay. Just look at the way it is sculptured to fit the brake cable holder.

 Shimano Deore XT is the standard running gear.

The original 3 x 7 speed transmission was retained.

Even the Ritchey Logic seat was retained for posterity reason. The seat post had to be replaced because the clamp head was broken.

The famous APA bonding system adopted by Miyata on all their bikes.


  1. Gabriel, can you tell me the seat post size (diameter) for your Miyata Elevation 5000? I need a post for one.