Sunday, February 15, 2015

2005 Little Monster Monotine Bike

Size isn't everything. Believe it. And here's proof. This little Monotine bike can reach speeds up to 25 km/h without breaking a sweat. Thanks to its smallish 16" wheels, moving off and maintaining speed is really easy. However, it did not started off this way.  

The original 44T was swopped for a 53T crank and matched to a 6-speed rear cassette. The shifters are Shimano Revoshift twist grip shifters.

The stem was lowered and the handlebar twisted forward for a more 'aerodynamic' riding position.

This is the original look. Notice how subdued and docile it looks, the kind of bike you take to the shop or hawker center. Well, you can still do that on this bike but chances are you will get there faster.

Front disc brakes and suspension. Nothing much to crow about but its enough to take small bumps.

Simple folding mechanism.

Tektro brake levers.

The rear suspension is a bit soft which limits the maximum speed. Going fast means bobbing up and down and reminds me of sea sickness. I'm going to find a replacement for the rear shock that is stiffer.

Shimano 6-speed non-series rear derailleur.

This was the original seat but now replaced by the good ole Ferrari seat which is so much more comfortable,

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