Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2012 Cannondale Tango SL 29er (Sold)

29ers are massive bikes. When you put a 29er side-by-side with a 26er, the latter looks like a BMX next to it. This is precisely the case of the Cannondale Tango. It is massive! Cannondale designed this bike for ladies. I think you need to be a really big lady to be riding this bike!

To start off, the head tube is not the regular 1 1/8" but 1.5". Obviously, parts are hard to find and luckily, I was able to grab hold of the stem and fork to match.

Cannondale coined the term V-frame and rightly so, because there are more triangles on the bike than usual. It helps in this bike because it allows the top tube to be lowered for better standover height but in the process, there is not enough space for a regular water bottle to fit inside that little triangle above the bottom bracket.

Shimano Zee rear derailleurs are becoming my favorite. They are easy to install, tune and never gives a problem.

Shimano disc brakes provides the stopping power. The handle bar is also from Cannondale to complete the cockpit.

Little touches of feminity can be seen on the bike.

Shimano Zee 36T crankset. Simple. Effective. Efficient.

Selle Royal Yak saddle is real value for money. It is matched to a carbon fiber seat post.

The biggest headache came from the front wheels. The hubs are 15mm through axle. The Rockshox Revelation fork was a very good find and completes the front end beautifully. 

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